As a mom to three teenage daughters and one 4 year old son I wanted to recreate myself and the way I see and have a relationship with food/exercise.  We know that having good mental health or healthy relationships with others take good habits, communication and work. I wanted to do this for myself and as an example to the next generation of women that food and exercise is a blessing and something we “get” to do and don’t “have” to do. My kids and especially my husband have not only seen a difference in my body but my mood and my natural state of being is more peaceful and calm. How amazing is that?! I will say the best compliment my husband has ever given me ‘is how amazing my butt and legs look- better then ever!’ I mean... yes please!!

-Daily Client

Honestly it’s more of a feeling than how I look. I appreciate my morning texts so much, they give me that one extra boost/reminder to move a bit more, eat a bit better and enjoy everything more.  I made the decision to take back control of how I was feeling at the end of 2020…we all had a confusing year, and I decided basically on 12/29 it was time to make myself feel better.  But I also understood that I needed a little encouragement.  My husband said to me “I’ll send you a text every morning….” But I knew that wasn’t the answer.  Lori has been wonderful.  When I have a question, she gets right back to me.  I love the recipe suggestions, the movement suggestions all of it really.  X-tra bonus is my jeans feel better (when I choose to put them on, which is rare). I am NOT relying on alcohol and do not miss it all…and I feel sooo much better every day.  Head clearer, better at work…and better mommy to my girls.  Also my girls are inspired to move more because they see mommy prioritizing my movement every day! So thank you to the Daily. 

-Daily Client

weight loss transformation in south bay

When I first started this journey in July of 2020, I was lost. I was drinking wine all the time and had no drive or motivation. I needed a reason, I needed my Why! I am a mom of 4 kids and a wife of a husband who is a dentist and we own 4 dental practices, so to say I needed something for myself is an understatement. The Daily has not only made me the happiest human I’ve ever been, but also the healthiest. Some of the perks of being on The Daily are: losing 44 lbs, maintaining my weight with healthy eating while being bedridden from surgery, not numbing my feelings with booze when my mother in law passed away, creating friendships and connections, and most of all becoming the best version of Heather. Having my coach Lori by my side cheering me on and Lindsay pumping me up, has been priceless. I’m focusing on being stronger in every way possible for my husband and kids, but most of all ME! The Daily is a life, a choice, a mantra, and place that feels like home.

Post pregnancy fitness journey

Think you're not a runner? Think you don't have time to do an hour of movement a day because you have a busy job? Or because you have kids?  Think you can't eat healthy because you don't like to cook? Think you can't fast because you'll be hungry?  That's what I thought too.  I was wrong!  It can be done when you have the support and accountability of your coach.  I had tried every diet and exercise program that exists, nothing changed my body and my lifestyle like The Daily has.  Being able to focus on my progress in a healthy way (like how many more minutes I ran today than yesterday) rather than the number on the scale has been such a gift.  The personal attention you receive from your coach truly helps you accomplish goals, break through plateaus, and get you back on track if you fall off course.  I had so much success with this program that even my husband tried it- and like me, he lost a bunch of weight and is in the best shape of his life. We are so grateful for this program!!


Okay, real talk. The Daily has changed my life. Honestly. Not only am I healthier, happier, more balanced, but I also have better skin, a better outlook, better sex, harder laughs. It has made me more present in every aspect of my life; with my job, my family, my friends, my husband. I am able to show up in a way I have never been able to before. Through the Daily, I have learned to show up for myself. Through the support of the coaches and this community, I feel empowered to be the strongest version of myself, and if you try it, I can guarantee that you will find that too.
-Daily Client