March 15,000 steps challenge is in FULL FORCE!!! To say we are crushing it is an understatement, for real though all of you are doing AMAZING!!

Let’s talk about how to be successful and maintain success throughout this month! For many of us, 15,000 steps requires us to be more diligent and mindful about our movement throughout the day. Yes, we all do the typical 60 minutes of movement. However, to hit that full 15k you are probably going to have to add in an afternoon or evening walk, about 1-2 miles. If you are not in the habit of lacing up after work or during your lunch break, let’s start TODAY! Ok so here is what I want you to do, either on your lunch break or after work I want you to put some shoes on & hit the streets, while you’re walking, I want you to listen to something that inspires you, maybe it’s a Daily Downloaded chat, podcast or your favorite music. Here is the key though, it has to UPLIFT, INSPIRE and make you HAPPY. We want you practically skipping on the streets. See, when you make this time FUN you are sooo much more likely to do it consistently, in fact you are going to look forward to it!!

Next, you are human, like all of us, so there will be somedays where your body is tired, and you are feeling like pressing the snooze for that extra hour of sleep. We feel you, but Get Up Anyway, even if you are exhausted. Does it mean you have to crush a 5 mile run? Absolutely not, just put your clothes on and walk out the door. Start with a slow stroll, breath in the fresh air & play something that is INSPIRING, go back to the thing that makes you skip, dance & jump! Give yourself that 60 minutes outdoors, just move at a pace that feels good for you. We promise you will feel better throughout the day & you will end up hitting that 15,000 step goal for the day. A huge part of success with this challenge is FRONT LOADING your day. So literally, get most of your steps first thing in the morning, use that 60 minutes to knock a large chunk out. I prefer to get about 10,000 first thing in the morning, so later in the day I just have a little walk to finish up the goal. Trust me front loading is KEY to success.

Lastly, one of the best things you can do for your brain health is move with friends, so right now schedule 3 walking dates with your people. It can be anyone & can just be 20 minutes, if that is all you can make work. Schedule it & follow through! You are going to feel more connected to others, happier, healthier & I promise you will make better food choices when you fill that social cup!

Now get outside & start STEPPING!!


The Daily Fam

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