Updated: Mar 12

We are loggin SOO MANY STEPS this month….we are officially 10 full days in and if you have stayed committed to the goal then you have logged 150,000 steps just in the first 10 days of MARCH!! This is a HUGE accomplishment!! We want to highlight all the clients who have worked hard & accomplished 15k steps in these first 10 days of the month!


Aimee Cilic

Aleesa Daley

Allyson Ostrowski

Amy Gimlen

April Barker

Candice Ernest

Kate Jerkens

Kathy Rowland

Mary Perkins

Megan Marcuccilli

Melissa McCaverty

Nadege Klein

Sally Koskinen

Veronica McAndrews

Bernice Tong

Erin Figel

Eva Laskowski

Fiona Nohilly

Julie Kulstad

Kelly Parsons

Lisa Green

Gaby Gray

Kelly Wise

Morgan Handel

Nadege Klein

Natalie Hamlin

Nikki Mirabile

Robyn Arnold

Shannon Kulstad

Sally Koskinen

Staci Resnick

Stephanie Carpenter

Zoey Stanger

Elizabeth Accola

Kaitlin Voetigli

Lidia Barillas

Nicole Landzberg


With that being said lots of steps means that RECOVERY is essential. Even if majority of steps are walking you probably are feeling it unless you are implementing good recovery modalities. So here is the basic breakdown of Recovery.

First, let’s talk why recovery is important. When you move you are actively causing stress to the body which is a good thing HOWEVER, it’s important to allow the body to rest and rejuvenate so you can continue to move & feel great while you move. Recovery practices are magic sauce to longevity!

Next, key to successful recovery is doing it & DOING IT OFTEN. Consistency is key!! Keep it simple, so many times people try to do too much & it becomes too hard to maintain, so start small like 10 min of stretching while you watch TV at night or a 20 min epson salt bath once a week. Those small moments do make a huge difference and are always better than nothing!

Ok, so you know why it’s important & consistency is key but WHAT SHOULD YOU DO? So, do what your body likes. For example, you may love icing, but someone else might do well with heat. It really depends on your preference and what actually works for your body. At the Daily we suggest trying things out and paying attention to how they affect your performance, aches & pains, sleep etc.

ONE THING we always suggest for EVERY PERSON is a pre-run warm up and post-run cool down. This is essential to priming the body for movement, getting blood flow moving and allowing the body to recover properly.

So, what should you do before a run?! We suggest a dynamic warm up. You can head to our reels on Instagram to watch some of our favorite dynamic stretching moves. A basic dynamic warm up can include: Knee pulls, quad stretch, alternating lunges with a twist, side lunges and leg swings. This can be done in 5 mins and have a huge impact on your runs and walks.

Now after the run! This is a great time to do some static stretching. 10 minutes of static stretching is ideal however if all you can get is 2 minutes it is worth it, then later in the day try to make sometime for stretching. For all our runners and walkers focus on opening up hamstrings, quads, hip flexors, and glutes is important. You can head to The Daily Downloaded for some static stretching videos.

Lastly, your body needs to be Hydrated to fully recover & good sleep is necessary being that our bodies repair while we sleep. If you want to recover, you have to sleep & sleep well. Make it a priority to create some good habits so you can sleep better & stay Hydrated!

Soo what are your options?! Here are some of our favorites…


Ice Bath

Epson Salt bath


Foam rolling




See a PT if necessary


Eating well


Electrolytes our favorite is Hammer Nutrition Electrolytes

Natural Rhythm Triple Calm Magnesium pills before bed

Winged CBD body lotion


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