3 Reasons to do a 7 Day Refresh

It is that time of year when we all feel we need to detox, shed those extra pounds for summer, slim down, do a juice cleanse or fast. Basically commit to some crash diet that leaves us maybe a little leaner for a few days, but ultimately steals our time, money and leads to no lasting change. So what's the secret? It's found in your Daily habits. But we totally hear you saying “ok that's great. I’m pretty good but need a little extra before the vacation, birthday or special event.” In that case WE GOT YOU!!!

We all at different times need to press the Refresh button whether it be for our physical or mental health. A refresh is SO powerful to initiate discipline, clean things up and remind your body and mind that the simpler the better. Currently on the market, someone is trying to sell you a bone broth fast, a soup fast, a bar fast, a lemon water fast or a 5 day miserable detox but we will tell you don't need to waste your money. By implementing strategic whole foods, movement and time restricted eating you will lose the bloat, save the bank, sleep better, have glowing skin and feel the energy buzz. We love 7 day Refresh to reset discipline with our habits around food, improve our digestion and get that extra boost of energy and clarity.

Your habits surrounding food are the single most important factor when it comes to your health. A simple 7 day refresh can freshen up your habits and remind you what habits are serving your energy, mind and body. Oftentimes we find ourselves grabbing a few chips, having the cookie after dinner, or taking that bite of mac n cheese, while it isn't a big of a deal it can lead to feeling a little sluggish. Pressing the restart button and getting disciplined with your habits has a profound effect on your future habits. One week of eating intentionally can trickle into the next week, over the course time you will find yourself eating better more consistently. By bringing a focus into one week of food choices you will come to realize what you really need. After just 7 days you will find cooking to be easier and your mindset around food will be healthier. Implementing simple whole foods, discipline and following a clear laid out plan you will come out of the refresh feeling energized, lean and have a healthy outlook on eating well.

Bloating and feeling heavy after meals is just not what we need when we are living busy, fast paced lives. Digestion plays a huge role in our health. We know that gut health has a direct impact on our mental health. The NIH has found that “inflammation of the gut is linked to causing anxiety and depression.” To simplify it, eating a healthy diet can make you a happier person. In just a matter of hours you can decrease inflammation in your body simply by eating real foods and moving your body. By strategically eating certain whole foods at certain times of the day you can greatly optimize your physical and mental health. Just 7 days of Refreshing your diet can dramatically improve your gut health and significantly improve how you feel and show up in the world. Hunnayyyy you deserve to be feeling on top of this world!!!

The “why” behind everything when it comes to health is longevity and creating energy to live the life you want. There is no better feeling than performing at your highest level in all aspects of life. Resetting your habits around nutrition & fitness is the BEST way to give you that energy boost and mental clarity to tackle everything life brings you. Clean nutrition and outdoor movement is the recipe for a healthy brain. Harvard Health published “regular exercise improves memory and thinking skills.” A healthy brain is a healthy body. The 7 Day Refresh has the power to give you the energy and mental clarity to work smarter, harder and infuse your life with creativity.

This Refresh is about pressing the reset button, aligning your actions with your goals and prepping for ultimate success. How you treat your body is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself. Take the step today to Refresh with us. It’s only 7 days, just one week that could lead to a healthy lifestyle. The 7 Day Refresh starts on June 12 and includes a full meal plan, exclusive Trader joes grocery list, exercise calendar and tips and tricks to be successful! Kick off your summer feeling bright, light and on top of the world!

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