Founder & Specialty Coach

Manhattan Beach, CA




NESTA - Fitness Nutrition Coach

YogaHop cert

Bachelors in Psychology, with emphasis in Sports Mentality and Performance from USC

Lindsay was born and raised in Newport Beach. She ran cross country and track at USC. Lindsay has been in the health & fitness industry for over 15 years teaching group fitness and personal training as well as, working as a senior instructor for well-known fitness brand. 

Lindsay founded the Daily, after having her second baby. She had tried practically everything and came across the perfect recipe for health, wellness and happiness.




Corona del Mar, California 

NESTA - Fitness Nutrition Coach


Shelby grew up in a big family, she is the youngest of 4, so she was dragged to every sporting event you can imagine! Shelby started playing soccer at a very young age because her brother and sisters played it. Athletics were always central focus in the Buckley family, so it was always fun for Shelby to try new sports growing up. She came into running more seriously in junior high and found she had some incredible success, therefore Shelby decided to focus solely on running throughout high school. Shelby earned a scholarship to run competitively in college at USC.

"I started the Daily back in August 2019, almost as the test dummy! I found great success and longevity in the program Lindsay had designed and was lucky enough to be able to join the team as a coach in January of 2020 and have loved every second of it!"




Redondo Beach, CA 

Bachelors in Nutritional Science

NESTA - Fitness Nutrition Coach

Lori grew up in Northern California, mostly the Bay Area, in Belmont California then moved to Folsom, CA for high school. She was always active growing up, specifically played soccer competitively my whole life, leading into college. Lori went to college at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutritional Science. In addition to serving as a Coach on The Daily, Lori has worked in public health for 15 plus years in the prevention, healthy eating, active living space for the American Cancer Society. 

"I started the Daily in September 2019 and have maintained eating habits and have elevated my physicality over the last year. Slowly coming around to truly identifying as a RUNNER! I have never felt happier, lighter, mentally clear, strong and confident!"




NESTA - Fitness Nutrition Coach


Dana Point CA

Mackenzie grew up in Arizona then moved to CA for college at USC, then grad school at UCLA! She was in gymnastics and played tennis growing up.

"I joined after ACL reconstruction surgery. I gained some weight post op but more importantly, never thought I’d be able to run or workout again with my knee. After a year on the Daily, I now run faster and further than ever before and don’t even notice my knee. Lindsay asked me to come on as a coach and it was the best decision ever."




Los Angeles, California

NESTA Certified Fitness and Nutrition Coach


Alisa was born and raised in San Diego, CA.  Growing up Alisa was very involved in sports- playing soccer & field hockey.  Alisa went on to get her bachelor's degree from University of Oregon, then took some time to travel the world, spending a year in Israel.  Coming back Alisa’s passion for helping vulnerable populations grew stronger and she decided to get her masters in social work at University of Southern California, fight on!  

"Weight and healthy eating has always been a challenge in my life.  I was always able to keep it under control by being physically active throughout my childhood; however college was a different story.  Being less active and having fun, I gained weight & became very self-conscious.  

In 2016 I had a back injury that sent me down a spiral.  After following Lindsay, I joined and never looked back.  It taught me how to have a healthy relationship with food, what moderation is, and not just motivation but discipline.  On The Daily I feel the best I ever have.  I am 30 lbs lighter- and still going!  The Daily has given me the confidence to not just crush my fitness goals, but my personal and professional goals as well."




Franklin, TN

NESTA- Fitness & Nutrition Coach

Cyclebar Lead Instructor

I was raised outside of Nashville and attended college at Belmont University there before heading to New York City and, eventually, LA to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. It was there that I fell in love with teaching indoor cycling and what began as a side hustle quickly became a full-time passion. I've completed 2 full marathons and over 15 half marathons and have taught hundreds of classes to some of the biggest names in Hollywood. In 2018, my husband and I welcomed our son, Walker, while living in Manhattan Beach, and then relocated back to Nashville in 2019 just before the birth of our daughter, Naomi. We are expecting our third baby in December 2020.  

I reached out to Lindsay in August of 2019 asking her to hold me accountable in my daily fitness and nutrition goals. At the time, I was 5 months postpartum and preparing for Coach Shelby's bachelorette trip to Cabo and wanted to feel more confident that I had been feeling. I was one of the first clients Lindsay ever coached and once I got started, I knew she was on to something life-changing!




Corona Del Mar, CA 

AFAA Certified 

Spin Certified 

Advanced Personal Trainer Certified

NESTA Nutrition Certification

Bachelors in Psychology & Biology

I’ve been Married 42 years and we raised one son and three daughters. We have been blessed with 8 grandchildren. I began teaching fitness classes & coached high school cross country and track for 13 years at Corona Del Mar High School. I began running seriously in 1982 to stay in shape and to be able to take my kids with me. I love being outside, just loving my time, being able to appreciate Gods handiwork.

I began running marathons in 1983. I was motivated by a group of Anaheim Police officers. I’ve run 84 full marathons throughout the world. I run for both mental and physical health. It’s the greatest medicine in the world. 

Lindsay and Shelby are my two youngest daughters and I have watched their journey with unbridled pride. I am honored that Lindsay has brought me on as a coach. I love to share my knowledge of fitness and discipline with Daily clients.



Coach & Director of Marketing & Social Media
ASFA Certified Personal Trainer 
Bachelors in Nutrition & Communication

Newport Beach, CA

After years of struggling with depression, anxiety, disordered eating and lack of understanding who I was at my core, I dug into nutrition, exercise, mindful and spiritual work to relieve myself of the pain I was experiencing. Through the process of retuning to self love and acceptance, I have acquired a unique set of tools that broke me free of limiting beliefs and allowed me to manifest the life I am born to live. 

I integrate mindful teachings, spiritual lessons and tools to breakthrough self-sabotaging habits and ways of thinking within my clients so they can fully and freely live the life they dream of. 


The Daily is a lifestyle, a choice, a mantra and a place that feels like home.

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